Beginner's Guide to Archery: For Women

Meet Kristen Schmitt

Born and raised in metropolitan Detroit, Kristen Schmitt never thought she’d move away from everything she knew. But a conscious decision to re-evaluate priorities led her and her family to leave the city and move to the country where they could spend more time together, away from the hecticness of city life. Her decision to pursue archery and bowhunting came after the move – and after talking with numerous women already involved with the sport. Inspired by their drive and confidence, Kristen picked up a bow for the first time a year ago and hasn’t looked back. INFORMATION PACKED DVD 1. Introduction 2. Getting Started / Archery Lesson 3. Archery Equipment Fundamentals 4. Practice Makes Perfect 5. Safety Considerations 6. Scent Control 7. Gear 8. Wild Food / Local Food 9. Conclusion